Better Solutions

Better solutions not only refers to innovations that improve experiences for consumers, but also to making appliances better for our planet. With climate change and the release of greenhouse gasses being one of the most urgent challenges of our time - sustainable thinking has become a must for each and every organization. 

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Improving product performance and efficiency

Electrolux will strive towards being a leader in product efficiency in main markets by 2020. Efficiency as in saving not only energy, but also water - a resource that will be in much higher demand in the not so far off future. Not only will appliances be more sustainable throughout their lifespan, but Electrolux will also explore digital and connective solutions that could optimize energy usage in accordance to user behaviour.

Better use of resources

At Electrolux we will limit our environmental footprint by replacing virgin materials with recycled counterparts in appliances, all while promoting the value of recycling throughout our markets. By finding reliable sources of recycled steel an plastic (the materials most commonly used in appliances) and adapting our design to fit sustainable materials, we expect to greatly decrease CO2 emission.
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Eliminating harmful materials

We are well aware of the impact certain chemicals can have on the environment and the people living in it. By raising the bar on chemical requirements, while improving control throughout the supply-chain, we can trace and replace harmful chemicals - making our appliances safe for users and the environment.

Restricted materials

The Restricted Materials List (RML) cover chemicals that are classified as ”banned”, ”restricted” and ”substance of concern”. Compliance to the list is mandatory for all operations and suppliers under the Electrolux brand, and the RML is a useful tool in monitoring the chemicals found in materials, parts of products and packaging.
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Better Society

We are a part of society. This means that we can choose to make a positive impact in the communities where we are present. This is exactly what we intend to do - making a difference for the better.

Better Operations

At Electrolux we have realized that we have to become part of the solution in order to save the planet. This is why we are constantly striving towards an ethical and environmental-friendly mindset that is present in all our daily operations.

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