Better Society

We are a part of society. This means that we can choose to make a positive impact in the communities where we are present. This is exactly what we intend to do - making a difference for the better.

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Sustainable living for more people

Household appliances free up time. Time for people in need to get an education, a job and a chance to tend to their families. As a global organization, Electrolux will leverage its reach in order to make efficient appliances accessible to more people, accelerating the spread of sustainable technologies in the process.

Be a force for good

We believe that we have a responsibility in issues concerning cooking and food consumption. By getting Worldchefs and AIESEC involved with the Electrolux Food Foundation, we wanted to inspire better food consumption, improve cooking habits and support those in need by offering education and emergency relief - among other things.
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A sustainable supply chain

Did you know that Electrolux emits more CO2 in product distribution than in Group operations? This is why logistics is one of several areas included in our strict guidelines aimed at suppliers. Over 3,000 suppliers are bound to our Code of Conduct, which promotes and and improves sustainability performance across the supply chain.

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Better Operations

At Electrolux we have realized that we have to become part of the solution in order to save the planet. This is why we are constantly striving towards an ethical and environmental-friendly mindset that is present in all our daily operations.

Better Solutions

Better solutions not only refers to innovations that improve experiences for consumers, but also to making appliances better for our planet. With climate change and the release of greenhouse gasses being one of the most urgent challenges of our time - sustainable thinking has become a must for each and every organization. 

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