For the better

Our action plan to make an everyday difference in people’s lives and for our planet.

For 100 years, Electrolux has been determined to make the everyday better for millions of people around the world. Sustainability has always been part of our DNA; perhaps that's why we have been industry leaders in sustainability for over a decade. But we can — and will — do more. It all starts now - with the choices we make in everyday life.


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We’re ambitious in what we want to achieve. Reducing our carbon footprint by 50% and increasing material efficiency are two important areas where we want to make a difference in the near future. We know there are challenges. But we strongly believe that by working together to find sustainable solutions that benefit everyone, we will continue to make a positive difference – every day.

Better Eating

Food is the single most critical factor when it comes to our health. It is also critical to our planet´s health, with the food industry accounting for a third of global energy consumption and over 20 percent of emissions. All the more shocking, then, that 30% of the food we buy is thrown away, even though one-ninth of the world is going to sleep hungry each night. That is why we want to help people make better eating choices in ways that are effortless and enjoyable.


2030 Target: Make sustainable eating the preferred choice

To guide us towards our target, we will seek to drive product innovations, educate consumers, undertake further research, and form meaningful partnerships.

These are the things we aim to focus on for Better Eating:

Reduce food waste in every way we can, inspire more plant-based eating, minimize nutrition loss in foods, improve the experience of eating sustainably through enhanced tastes, textures and colours and make it easy to implement all of these in everyday life.

Better Eating

Our Action Plan for the Better

Better Solutions

Better solutions not only refers to innovations that improve experiences for consumers, but also to making appliances better for our planet. With climate change and the release of greenhouse gasses being one of the most urgent challenges of our time - sustainable thinking has become a must for each and every organization. 

Better Operations

At Electrolux we have realized that we have to become part of the solution in order to save the planet. This is why we are constantly striving towards an ethical and environmental-friendly mindset that is present in all our daily operations.

Better Society

We are a part of society. This means that we can choose to make a positive impact in the communities where we are present. This is exactly what we intend to do - making a difference for the better.

Sustainability milestones

Shaping better and more sustainable living, 1991 - 2019

Sustainability milestones

Shaping better and more sustainable living, 1991 - 2019


First Environmental Policy.


First Freon-free fridge range.


First Environmental Report.


First time Electrolux is included in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index as the sustainability leader in its industry.


Formalized corporate social responsibility commitments and implemented the Workplace Code of Conduct.


Electrolux joins the UN Global Compact.


Implemented the Electrolux Restricted Materials List.


Group-wide ethics program and ethics helpline launched.


First Electrolux facility equipped with solar panels (Vallenoncello, Italy).


New carbon target to halve our climate impact by 2020 compared with 2005.


Electrolux Food Foundation established and the Feed the Planet partnership with Wordchefs and AIESEC was launched.


One of the first 100 companies with Science-Based Targets approved to meet the Paris agreement´s climate targets.

More on Sustainability

Make Sustainable Eating the Preferred Choice

The way we are eating right now is challenging our planet. Learn more about sustainable eating and lead the change for a better tomorrow.

The Eco Village

Electrolux Group's long-term status as a sustainability innovator is bringing new business opportunities, such as a recent win with an Eco Village project in Denmark – a truly sustainable and better living community.

Electrolux Food Foundation

The Electrolux Food Foundation brings employee initiatives to life, acting as an inspiration to more sustainable food choices among consumers and professionals, and to support people in need in the communities around us.

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