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As a house of brands with products covering every aesthetic and price point, we can cater to everything from ultra-luxury projects to large-scale commercial developments. Our professional legacy ensures uncompromising quality and performance at every price range, with an unlimited choice of styles and designs to choose from.


  • Team of experts globally
  • Full kitchen solutions
  • Wide range of appliances
  • Digital tools (Installer App)
  • BIMObjects (Building Information Modelling)
  • BIC Installation (Best in Class Installation)

Global team of experts

We serve you wherever you are. From Scandinavia and Europe to Asia, we have deep local knowledge of building standards, the latest design and appliance trends, and how tenants use their kitchen to make their everyday tastier and more convenient.

Contact us! We like to share our extensive knowledge, and chances are we have done something similar to your project before. With great results.

Full kitchen solutions

At Electrolux, we have been at the forefront of innovating kitchen appliances for more than 100 years. We like to say that we are experts in the everyday, and have gathered extensive knowledge about how kitchens and appliances are used, from Tokyo to Lima, and Stockholm to Johannesburg. We offer full kitchen solutions for building and design projects. From the ultra-luxurious to the basic classics – we have the knowledge and the appliances that make a perfect fit.
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Hob2Hood landscape

Wide range of appliances

From hobs and ovens to washing machines and robot vacuums. At Electrolux, we have quality products covering the whole range from the super luxurious to standard appliances. It is not all about the products however, we have extensive knowledge of the culinary and kitchen culture in your region – making us the perfect partner for your project.


Electrolux offers the most comprehensive collection of kitchen appliances on the BIMObject platform. This makes for precise and efficient kitchen design and construction process, enabling a higher quality in every stage from design drawing to finished kitchen.

Electrolux BIMobjects


Digital tools

Discover the correct and fastest way for professionals to install Electrolux and AEG appliances to make them fit perfectly. Our up-to-date and easy-to-use app features scanning of barcodes or searching for products to access the right installation instructions, tutorial videos for step-by-step guidance, and access technical specifications.

Best-in-Class Installations

We are committed to offering a Best-In-Class installation experience for our customers. Through constant innovation, we make the installation of our products as simple as possible. An example of this is our PerfectFit solution where installers get a quick, easy and accurate process with up to 25 % fewer installation steps while using just a single Torx screwdriver.

PerfectFit Combinations

More on what we offer

The Electrolux Installer App

As an app exclusively for professional appliance installers, the Electrolux Installer App offers the fastest and most straightforward way of installing appliances from Electrolux and AEG.


Secure data sharing, a streamlined process and a highly accessible source of information. Building Information Modeling - BIM for short - is a digital process that combines 3D models and information management to support AEC projects of all sizes throughout their entire lifetime.

Best in Class Installation

At Electrolux, we are committed to offering a Best-In-Class installation experience for our customers. Through constant innovation, we make the installation of our products as simple as possible.

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