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Our design philosophy was first born in the kitchens of aspiring chefs, the living rooms of bustling families and in the challenges that our customers face in their everyday lives. Our goal is to empower the consumer by creating design experiences that will change - and improve - their way of living.

Human-centric design, focusing on the experiences of actual users, is what we do at Electrolux. It allows for culinary experiments in the kitchen and streamlines housework in order to enable more family-time, all while improving the aestetichs of ones home. Design is at the heart of our being, and behind every new innovation there is a consumer with one less problem in their everyday life.

Simon Bratford - Head of Design Europe at Electrolux

Scandinavian Design, traditionally, has the objective of always improving people’s daily home life. The scarcity of resources and harsh climate led to the need to produce more with less. The quest was to make objects of high functionality and aesthetic quality.

The phenomenon of Scandinavian design really took the world by storm in the late-1940s and early-1950s. It would often be dubbed “democratic design” because it was offering accessible and affordable design to everyone. It was appreciated because of its availability: everybody could enjoy using it. This notion has been maintained ever since and has contributed significantly to modern design.

”We don’t just help people cook, clean and be comfortable. We design to help people live better, every day.”

Given our heritage as a Swedish company, it’s no surprise that we are deeply rooted in the tradition of Scandinavian design. We’ve been shaping living for the better for 100 years at Electrolux, and for 100 years our innovation has made everyday living easier.

Now, we’re breathing new life into this concept, infusing it in the roots of our design ethos. We’re a forward-thinking brand for people who want to live a richer, more effortless and sustainable existence – because we know how much home life matters.

Our Head of Design, Pernilla Johansson, shares her insights into the latest kitchen trends.

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