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When you visit our website, we will use cookies to ensure that you get the best experience. These cookies might be about you, your preferences or your device. The information does not usually directly identify you, but it can give you a more personalized web experience.

At a first visit from the device (i.e. computer, smartphone or tablet), a cookie banner will appear where you can select cookie settings. You can always reset your cookie settings by clicking on the 'Reset cookie settings' button below. Next time you visit our website you will be able to choose new preferences.

However, blocking some types of cookies may impact your experience of the site and the services we are able to offer.



The responsible controller of your personal data is AB Electrolux (publ) and/or the local Electrolux entity. Please visit to find the identity and contact information of the relevant Electrolux entity in Europe. To find out more about how we handle your personal data in general, please visit our Data Privacy Statement.


Cookies are small text files, created by the website visited, that contain data. They are stored on the user’s device to give the user access to various functions.

Cookies were created to overcome a limitation in web technology. Web pages are 'stateless' - which means that they have no memory and cannot easily pass information between each other. So, cookies provide a kind of memory for web pages.

Cookies allow a website to recognize a user’s device. Cookies allow the user to navigate effectively between pages, save preferences and get a generally improved experience. They can also be used to tailor marketing based on how various websites were browsed by the user.


Below please find information about cookies we use and why we use them.


Functional and Performance Cookies
These cookies are necessary for our website to function and can normally not be switched off. They are usually only set in response to actions made by you which amount to a request for services, such as setting your privacy preferences, logging in, language or filling in forms.

These cookies can also keep our services and your information secure by helping us to discover fraud and protect you.

Analytical and Statistical Cookies
We use these cookies to help us understand how our websites are used and to ensure that they function correctly. The data consists of e.g., which pages you viewed, which links you clicked on, how long you spent on a page, and what device you have used. These cookies give us overall analytical information and statistics and enables us to analyze and streamline the websites and our services. They allow us to improve the performance of our site.

Marketing and Advertising Cookies
These cookies may be set through our site by our advertising partners. They can be used and shared by those companies to build a profile of the user’s interests and show relevant adverts on other sites. They also allow us to analyze the efficiency of our marketing activities and to provide targeted advertisement tailored for your interests, subject to your consent when necessary. This is based on uniquely identifying the browser and internet device. If you don’t allow these cookies, the advertising will be less targeted


Session Cookies
Session Cookies are only stored temporarily in the browser's memory and are destroyed when the browser is closed down.

We use session cookies for essential site functions, and to make sure pages are sent to the browser as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Persistent Cookies
Persistent cookies are saved on your computer so when you close it down and start it up again, they can still be there.

Persistent cookies are created by giving them an expiry date. If that expiry date is reached, they will be destroyed by the computer. Information that has not been changed on the website since your last visit will be collected locally from your device. New information will be updated.

Our most used cookies

Below please find a list of our most used cookies.



First Party and Third Party Cookies

First Party Cookies
First-party cookies are set by our websites. First party cookies are only set or retrieved by the website while the user is visiting it, so they cannot normally be used to track activity or pass data from one site to another.

Third Party Cookies
Third Party cookies are set by a third party for example for web analysis or web surveys.

They are usually placed in a website via scripts or tags added into the web page. Sometimes these scripts will also bring additional functionality to the site, such as enabling content to be shared via social networks.

How to manage third-party cookies
Please note that this Cookie Notice does not include, and that we are not responsible, for any third-party cookies.

I addition to cookies for performance, third parties also sometimes provide, for example,” Like” or ”Share” buttons on our website. These functions can be used by visitors of our website to recommend it and its’ content and to share recommendations on social media. Cookies also store information on how visitors use these buttons and functions to enable improvement of the website.

Third Party cookies collect information regarding browsing behavior connected to your device and is being used to make marketing more relevant for you. You can opt out from Third Party-cookies for marketing purposes at

For some other specific functions at our websites we also use third parties, for example when you visit a website with video clips from, or links to, YouTube. These videos or links (or other content from third parties) may contain third-party cookies to identify that your device has visited our website.

We encourage you to read the information regarding integrity on respective Third Party website cookie notices. Below, we have listed some of those:



How to manage browser cookies

In addition to revoking of a consent in accordance to the above, you may also disable cookies by configuration of settings in your browser. To disable cookies in your browser, follow the instructions usually found in the menu underneath the tabs “Help”, “Tools” or “Edit”. Via settings in your browser you can also delete cookies already set.

However, please note that disabling of cookies may also disable some functions at our websites. Instructions on how to configure settings in some browsers can be found in the links below:

Google Chrome
Microsoft Edge
Microsoft Internet Explorer
Mozilla Firefox
Apple Safari

Web beacons, Pixel, Plug-ins, and other similar technologies
Our websites may use web beacons, pixel, plug-ins and other similar technologies (collectively referred to as "tracking technology") which allows us and third parties to track the use of our websites. Such tracking technology is embedded into our website and used on your device when you access and load our website.


The legal basis for our processing of your personal data is that this processing is necessary for the purposes of our legitimate interest, except for the processing where we combine your online web behaviour data with the personal data that you eventually have previously provided to us for which we base on your consent. You have the right to decline our use of these cookies by clicking the link “reset your cookie settings” located within the first section at the top of this page.

We process your geolocation data to ensure that we can provide you with the services or dealership closest to your current location. This functionality will be used throughout our website. The consent for this is taken through your browser and can be adjusted within the browser settings.


The responsible controller of your personal data is AB Electrolux (publ) and/or the local Electrolux entity. Please visit to find the identity and contact information of the relevant Electrolux entity.

If you want to exercise your data subject rights or if you have any other questions concerning this Cookie Notice, please submit your request at


Contact details to our Data Protection Officer:

AB Electrolux (publ)

Data Protection Officer

105 45 Stockholm



We may do changes and additions to this Cookie Notice. We encourage you to read this policy now and then to keep updated on how we use cookies.

This Cookie Notice was last updated in October 2020.

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