World Water Day

Installing kitchen appliances will benefit the planet. We recently celebrated World Water Day, a perfect time to look into how the home appliance industry keeps its water and energy consumption in check.

Kitchen appliances have gone from being seen as pure luxuries to labour saving products to a mean of conserving resources such as water and electricity. Welcome to a small overview of the circularity within the home appliance industry. 

The home appliance industry faces continuous challenges in the production process, such as waste disposal, material recovery and strict guidelines for keeping power usage to a minimum. Saving in on important resources such as electricity and water has become a priority and for that very reason the industry is spending large budgets on research and sustainable processes - with remarkable results.


Saving Water

Looking at water savings - total dishwasher adoption in the EU28 (the 28 countries of the EU) would result in the region saving 6.142 billion liters a year - as much as 2,5 million Olympic size swimming pools.

Saving Energy

If all inhabitants of EU28 were to install a dishwasher instead of washing up by hand, this would save as much 92 TWh per year. This equals 3% of the total European electricity consumption in 2015, or twice the consumption of Portugal.


This is just a small overview of the impact that total kitchen appliance adoption could have within Europe. Read the full report from CECED in cooperation with the Sustainable Cycles specialised programme of the United Nations University (UNU-VIE SCYCLE).

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