Saving resources with TwinTech

One third of all food produced globally goes to waste. With many of us living under lockdown, or with limited access to fresh food, it's more important than ever to reduce food waste. Proper kitchen storage could help make the situation more bearable.

Due to the current situation, the art of making full use of everyday resources has made an impact on household agendas worldwide. With improved kitchen functionality, one can improve quality of life even when times are tough. Electrolux offers such functionality in our TwinTech® technology.

TwinTech with NoFrost

About TwinTech

Electrolux is committed to developing food preservation solutions. The TwinTech® technology in our fridge freezers uses a double cooling system to ensure all groceries last longer and preserve their flavours and textures.

The air humidity in the fridge is controlled for maximum freshness, while the NoFrost technology in the freezer keeps the air dry to avoid frost formation and eliminate the need for defrosting.

More on Innovations

CustomFlex® / SpinView®

How much does helping prospective clients reduce their environmental impact factor into your decision making when choosing appliances for your project?

900 CookView® oven

For clients who are looking for the latest technology to help them deliver perfect cooking results, the Electrolux 900 CookView® oven uses an integrated camera to allow them to see what is being cooked in the oven through their mobile device, even whilst away from the kitchen.

AEG ComfortLift® Dishwasher

Electrolux Group's ComfortLift® dishwasher is one of our most talked-about products, and winner of both an internationally-recognised gold iF Design award and a Red Dot award, for its innovative design.

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