The Eco Village

Electrolux Group's long-term status as a sustainability innovator is bringing new business opportunities, such as a recent win with an Eco Village project in Denmark – a truly sustainable and better living community.

“Electrolux was chosen because of our work with sustainability, our track record in the Dow Jones Sustainability index, our Code of Conduct and how we work for the better through our sustainability reporting,” says Christian Dybro, Country Channel Head, Building, Denmark.

”It’s a visionary concept that goes beyond housing alone”
β€” Christian Dybro, Country Channel Head

The Eco Village project in Lejre, Denmark, bears a significant better living resemblance and will see new housing equipped with Electrolux and Zanussi fridge-freezers, ovens, hobs and dishwashers, with a move in date set for September 2020.

“It’s a visionary concept that goes beyond housing alone,” Dybro explains, "These are micro-economic communities that share their resources."

Eco Village Denmark
While Dybro acknowledges that Eco Villages are typically Scandinavian in style, growing consciousness of both consumers and potential customers in the construction industry, means maintaining our sustainability leadership is vital.

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