A Smart Connected Kitchen

Connected appliances enhance the experience and convenience of your everyday tasks. The result is fresher, cleaner and tastier - with less effort. Electrolux is working with major global players such as Google and Amazon to ensure simple and seamless connection experiences. 

With our range of connected appliances, Electrolux is focused in creating unique experiences. So feel more in control whether at home or elsewhere with monitoring, remote control, voice commands, images, and more in your connected Electrolux experience.

Member of The Open Connectivity Foundation

The Open Connectivity Foundation consists of more than 300 companies and is dedicated to ensuring interoperability by creating standards, platforms and open-source implementations for connectivity.

The Innit App

So much goes into the perfect meal. To help you orchestrate food preparation, Electrolux appliances work with the Innit app so each cooking process is enhanced: From recipes based on personal preferences, to automated oven settings and step-by-step cooking guidance.

My Electrolux Kitchen App

Enjoy more delicious food by getting the most out of your appliances with the My Electrolux App. Expand your culinary horizons with your steam oven. Plus, easily register your appliances, find tailored information and services, get in touch with Electrolux, download manuals and more.
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Google Assistant

Google Assistant helps you control the oven with your voice so you can do other things while having full control over the cooking.

More on Innovations

Smart Blending Minus the Guesswork

Electrolux takes guesswork out of blending through smart appliance developed with partners Le Cordon Bleu and Drop.

Voice Controlled Cooking

We're collaborating with Google to give you a simple & rewarding way of interacting with our appliances.

Kitchen Appliances for Better Living

The cooking processes of professional chefs require quite a lot of room in order to create that coveted kitchen flow. The way you fit the kitchen can help.

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