SenseCook® - Intelligent Cooking

Rare, medium or well done? Experience intelligent cooking at its best - the SenseCook oven creates effortless cooking experiences and delicious results, every time.

When creating the perfect kitchen, the appliances need to seamlessly fit into your overall design, as well as offering features that help to elevate the cooking process for the user. AEG's oven range combines sleek, contemporary styling with a number of innovative solutions to help create restaurant quality dishes at home.

AEG SenseCook® ovens help to precisely measure the core temperature of food with the FoodSensor, and the chef can then tell the oven exactly how they want their dish cooked, using the same words they would in a restaurant - like rare, medium or well done, trusting the SenseCook® oven to understand the result they want. From the juiciest rack of lamb to the perfect chocolate fondant, it's an oven that speaks their language.

Rare. Medium. Well Done. At Your Command

AEG SenseCook

More on Innovations

900 CookView® oven

For clients who are looking for the latest technology to help them deliver perfect cooking results, the Electrolux 900 CookView® oven uses an integrated camera to allow them to see what is being cooked in the oven through their mobile device, even whilst away from the kitchen.

SenseFry® Hob

A sleek induction hob that delivers accurate and consistent frying results every time. 

SenseBoil® Hobs

Design a kitchen where your clients can boil – without boiling over.

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