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Scandinavian Kitchen Trends

Scandinavian Design is defined by its simplicity and focus on utility over decoration. Practical, uncluttered spaces offer a perfect foundation for kitchens of all layouts and sizes. Perhaps Scandi is the perfect fit for aspiring kitchen designers.

Scandinavian design has become popular across the globe thanks to its way of approaching the functionality of the everyday. Practical elements go hand in hand with minimalistic furnishing and calm-inducing coloring. Scandinavian design offers a tremendous foundation for functional kitchens with a lot of open spaces.

Implementing a kitchen island creates workspace and room for storage, a great pick for open layout kitchens. The island could house utensils or built-ins (oven, dishwasher, MVO) or be hollowed out, keeping chairs underneath. In any case, a kitchen island offers an area for socializing while cooking.
Kitchen island or not - a robust, flat surface is key for successful cooking. Following the Scandinavian aesthetic, this means open grain wood or cool stone slabs. Stone tops could benefit from a large wooden cutting board, creating pleasant contrasts without stealing too much focus. An integrated cooking hob could have a similar effect, adding yet another practical element without intruding on the workspace.
Cluttered open shelf storage is on the decline. The mise-en-place way of cooking - with every fork and pan in its place - is making its way into residential kitchens. This fits perfectly in a Scandinavian style design - the challenge lies in creating easy access to ingredients and utensils.

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