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For the Better is our sustainability framework providing guidelines in how we handle our most material sustainability issues. It helps us accomplish our goal of creating living for the better. Our 2019 sustainability report tells a story of progress.

We are constantly trying to create living for the better, for everyone. All in all we have nine promises that will help us achieve better solutions, better operations and a better society - the stages necessary in order to achieve the main goal and minimize our impact on the climate.

Better Solutions - Our promises

  • Constantly improve product performance and efficiency
  • Make better use of resources
  • Eliminate harmful materials


  • 20 times more recycled plastic used in products in 2019 compared with 2011
  • 4,300 components tested for chemical compliance
  • Our most energy and water efficient products accounted for 23% of total units sold and 32% of gross profit in 2019

Better Operations - Our promises

  • Achieve more with less
  • Ensure the best health and safety
  • Always act ethically and respect human rights


  • -75% absolute CO2 emissions in operations since 2005.
  • 44% energy used per manufactured product compared to 2005.
  • 90% of our employees stated that they understand how they are expected to act in accordance with our code.


Better Society - Our promises

  • Solutions for healthy and sustainable living for more people
  • Be a force for good
  • Improve sustainability in the supply chain


  • 30,000 kids took part in workshops on sustainable eating.
  • Reached over 4,200 people working at over 400 of our suppliers through face-to-face and digital training.
  • Improved CO2 efficiency in global sea freight by more than 22% during the last 5 years.

Sustainability Report 2019

Our sustainability promises are the key areas where Electrolux can make a difference for the better. Read our roadmap in full and learn ho we plan to become climate neutral throughout the value chain by 2050.

Read the report

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