Make Sustainable Eating the Preferred Choice

The way we are eating right now is challenging our planet. Learn more about sustainable eating and lead the change for a better tomorrow.

30% of global climate emissions come from the production of food yet a third of all food produced is going to waste. That’s why our target for 2030 is to make sustainable eating the preferred choice. We’ll accelerate our leadership in food preservation solutions to reduce food waste, but we also want to inspire consumers to make more sustainable food choices.

Food is the single most critical factor when it comes to our health. It is also critical to our planet´s health, with the food industry accounting for a third of global energy consumption and over 20 percent of emissions*. All the more shocking, then, that 30% of the food we buy is thrown away**, even though one-ninth of the world is going to sleep hungry each night***. That is why we want to help people make better eating choices in ways that are effortless and enjoyable.

* Source: UN SDG, 2018
**  Source: UN SDG, 2018
*** Source: Food Aid Foundation

”We always try to find better solutions for food preservation. But sustainable eating is also about changing behavior. It´s about taking small steps for a bigger cause.”
— Hanna Nykänen - Food Preservation Expert. Electrolux, Sweden
The Better Living Program - Sustainable Eating

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