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The cooking processes of professional chefs require quite a lot of room in order to create that coveted kitchen flow. The way you fit the kitchen can help.

Create space

There has to be enough space for ingredients and utensils. Don’t forget about the actual people involved in cooking - you’ll want them to focus on the task at hand, but allow them to prepare for the whole process. The fridge and freezer should be in close proximity to the preparation area for easy access and built-ins may help build stacks of appliances - creating zones even in small kitchens.

The kitchen layout is important. A corridor-style kitchen is easily accessible in smaller apartments, while a U-shaped kitchen offers more storage but requires a lot more space.


800 Multispace®

A fridge-freezer equipped with SpinView® and CustomFlex® - two innovations that increase accessibility and indirectly decrease food waste. Fully customizable to increase flow in the preparation phase.


With up to 25% fewer installation steps, Electrolux best-in-class PerfectFit solutions offers a quick and easy alternative when fitting a kitchen. All you need is a Torx T20 screwdriver.
kitchen indoors 16x9
ComfortLift liftable basket 1200x675


Working clean is an important part of the culinary process, and a dishwasher helps clearing up space. ComfortLift makes cooking a little easier on the back by raising the lower drawer to a comfortable position.

Create flow

Automating time-consuming processes, opening up for physical movement, streamlining the various steps while preparing - these are ways of creating flow. This is equally important in commercial kitchens and family households, and doesn’t have to be all about cutting corners.

Apart from a well planned layout, the whole kitchen experience will benefit from smart appliances that takes the edge off some of the chores (such as cleaning up).

700 Hob2Hood

Vapours hamper kitchen flow and can create an unpleasant cooking environment. 700 Hob2Hood syncs hob usage with extraction, streamlining the cooking process from start to finish.
Hob2Hood landscape


Thoughtful design meets smart and sustainable solutions. Quickselect offers a easy-to-use touch slider with integrated ecometer that helps keeping energy consumption to a minimum. More flow with less energy.

Create a better everyday life

Not all cooking experiences are part of a well thought out process - sometimes it’s all about socializing and doing something as a family.

During these moments, when cooking becomes the secondary activity, it’s nice to have a kitchen with a general ”hang-out” area, complete with automated appliances that still puts you in total control.

900 CookView® Oven

Thanks to an integrated camera, chefs can monitor cooking progress through their smartphone, without even having to stay in the kitchen. A perfect tool when entertaining quests.
Steampro 1200x675


A function found in the 800 SteamBoost® oven, opening up a whole new world of culinary experiments. Steamify automates everything related to steam cooking, so that you can achieve great results again and again.

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900 CookView® oven

For clients who are looking for the latest technology to help them deliver perfect cooking results, the Electrolux 900 CookView® oven uses an integrated camera to allow them to see what is being cooked in the oven through their mobile device, even whilst away from the kitchen.

800 SteamBoost® with Steamify

Our insights show that despite a growing interest in steam cooking, from both consumers and kitchen designers, there's still confusion around how and when to use it.

SenseFry® Hob

A sleek induction hob that delivers accurate and consistent frying results every time. 

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