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Global Business Projects - Hot off the press

We proudly present our first ever ‘showcase’ magazine for the Projects business, designed to show builders and architects around the world exactly who we are. It’s impressive.

The first ever Global Business Projects magazine is now launched!

It gives a full overview of the Electrolux Group, our purpose, our sustainability framework, design philosophy, brand portfolio, our best-selling ranges, award-winning innovations and our expertise in best-in-class installations.

There are also case studies from the UK, Portugal, Belgium, France, Switzerland, the Netherlands as well as Russia, China and Australia. And we’re sure you’ll recognize some of the landmark projects which are housing our appliances in Italy, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Oman, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, Vietnam, UAE and Qatar.
”The Projects business is becoming more Global with architects, developers and builders working across countries and regions of the world. With this magazine, we make sure that no matter where our partners are building, our message of delivering trust and confidence is clear for everyone.”
— Anders Johansen, European Channel Manager BtB/Projects
The magazine is available in digital version. You can find it below.

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A Decade of Action

It’s a critical time for our planet. You only have to look at the news to see how climate change is affecting our planet, with the Australian bushfires being the latest stark reminder.

Best in Class Installation

At Electrolux, we are committed to offering a Best-In-Class installation experience for our customers. Through constant innovation, we make the installation of our products as simple as possible.


Secure data sharing, a streamlined process and a highly accessible source of information. Building Information Modeling - BIM for short - is a digital process that combines 3D models and information management to support AEC projects of all sizes throughout their entire lifetime.

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