Electrolux Norway saves 2,000 products a year from scrapheap

Electrolux Norway has partnered up with Norsk Ombruk to ensure that more appliances end up in the home of consumers instead of being sent to the scrapheap.

Electrolux Norway has partnered with remanufacturing company Norsk Ombruk to ensure that more than 2,000 major appliances are sold to consumers instead of sent to the scrapheap, an initiative that reflects the Electrolux Group’s commitment to making better use of resources.

Working with Norsk Ombruk, Electrolux products will go through a series of rigorous tests and quality checks before being sold on. All products which had previous owners are given a six-month guarantee by Norsk Ombruk.

“When you work in the after-market segment, you become aware of the number of serviceable products that are scrapped each year and it was making us uneasy. We’d been looking for a serious actor that could handle this category of product.” says Jan Olsen, Consumer and Customer Care Manager, Electrolux Norway.

A similar partnership has already been implemented in the UK, while Electrolux Spain is close to implementing its refurbishment program.

Sustainability is at the core of the Electrolux business strategy, and ‘making better use of resources’ is one of nine promises within the Electrolux sustainability framework ‘For The Better’. This means Electrolux is committed to using more recycled materials and ensuring its appliances are recyclable.

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