Electrolux Food Foundation

The Electrolux Food Foundation brings employee initiatives to life, acting as an inspiration to more sustainable food choices among consumers and professionals, and to support people in need in the communities around us.

Established in 2016, the Electrolux Food Foundation is an initiative focusing on food and related sustainability issues. The foundation funds employee initiatives by providing the resources needed to bring them to life.

For the Electrolux Foundation, sustainable food consumption and cooking habits is what's on the agenda, the purpose being to create common ground for professionals and consumers alike. The food foundation aims at better living for those in need by providing education and aid in a range of emergency relief efforts. These also tie well into the Electrolux goal to halve its carbon emissions by 2020, as food plays a large part global in climate change.

Sustainable food choice

Supporting the United nations

The Electrolux Food Foundation supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals for Zero Hunger (#2) and Responsible Consumption and Production (#12).

The foundation bring Worldchefs, the worldwide association of chefs, and AIESEC, the world's largest youth-led network, together in Feed the Planet, a key partnership committed to driving a number of food-related project within the upcoming years.

”We’ve had a global approach to the impact of our operations and products for many years. Now, we’re widening the scope of sustainability to address our role in society in a more focused way. By working together with Worldchefs and its 10 million associated chefs, we leverage our expertise, professional network and global organization to make the most out of our contributions to local communities.”


Leveraging the growing importance of chefs worldwide, Worldchefs is given the unique opportunity to set a global agenda. The initiative can convey messages about the importance of healthy food and sustainable cooking, all while acting as emergency-support via Worldchefs Without Borders.


An initiative promoting and driving youth participation in the implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. AIESEC assign volunteers to help manage projects on the ground.

By implementing a Group-wide approach to community support, Electrolux is seeking to fulfill its promise “Be a Force for Good”, part of its sustainability framework, For the Better.

More on Sustainability

Let's talk about food

A third of the food we produce around the world ends up in the bin every year whilst there are millions of people who go hungry.

‘Stop the Drop’ water saving program

A lot of water can needlessly go down the drain during food preparation and cleaning up. Choosing efficient appliances has a real impact and contributes to the global effort to reduce water wastage.

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