Electrolux Brand Design Philosophy - Human Touch

Our Head of Design, Pernilla Johansson, explains how empathy and problem solving sits at the core of our design philosophy: Human Touch.

No one designer can possibly have all the answers. That’s why we, at Electrolux, are guided by a philosophy we call Human Touch. This reminds us to focus on people’s experiences around our products and services.

We consider the contextual flow of interaction: either it’s a feature of an interface, a service through an app, or a physical motion of some kind. We explore and evaluate how our choices are making a difference to how the user and the product collaborate.

Essentially, Human Touch is our way of balancing foresight and creativity with what we know or can learn about our consumers. Human Touch guides us towards integrating data consciously and empathetically. It’s ultimately about how our products solve problems and shape living for the better.

”I think it’s important to have strong conviction, but I think it’s equally important to stand open to the outside world – because in the end, you’re designing for someone else.”
— Pernilla Johansson
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Pernilla Johansson, Head of Design
We run a lot of data. It tells us what consumers are looking for in their products, their pain points and their user behaviour. Data can give us insight into shoppers’ buying habits and tell us how our products or services are being used. On top of that, with all the connected products we’re putting to the market, we’re getting even more real-time data coming through.

All of this enables us to look ahead – which is the essence of every designer’s job.

As we undertake our pursuit to understand what is out there – what seeds are being planted, how they’re impacting people’s behaviour patterns or changing their perceptions, needs and desires – there’s one word that keeps coming back: sustainability.

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Sustainability permeates every part of what we do at Electrolux Group: from how our products are used and produced to the materials we select and source, right through to how we operate internally as a company.

As a designer, sustainability is – more than ever before – at the centre of my outlook, and it’s from more than just the standpoint of material and usage. It inspires me to create conduciveness between everyday living and sustainable living, whether it’s in the kitchen, laundry, bedroom or somewhere else. I want to help make it a joy to go down the path of more sustainable choices – by encouraging the design of products and services that empathise with the needs of people and planet.

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