Sustainability in a digital reality

“Digital” and “sustainable” are two adjectives we don’t see together very often – but really, we should. The global climate challenge is incredibly complex; it requires governments, companies and individuals to commit to seeing change.

When it comes to individuals, studies show many people’s green intentions are already there, but they sometimes lack the tools or know-how to put greater sustainability into practice. That’s where digitalisation is a game-changer.

Pernilla Johansson, our Chief Design Officer, says the category of consumer electronics has already shown the impact digitalisation can have on sustainability (such as virtual home assistants helping to reduce energy and water usage). She believes the domain of appliances is set to take this much further.

”I believe that with the appliance industry, it’s going to be even more impactful – because such products are really a part of our day-to-day life.”
— Pernilla Johansson, Chief Design Officer, Electrolux
Digitalising Design


The award-winning QuickSelect Dishwasher is just one example of digitalisation boosting a product’s sustainability. When the user scrolls through different washing cycles, the “Ecometer” immediately indicates how resource-efficient that selection is.

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