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Electrolux Design DNA - Sound

Sound is essential in creating an engaging user experience. Designer Daniel Mesa shares how the element can connect with users in surprising ways, as well as how it can guide the flow of interaction with the product to make every day experiences delightful.

Sound is a powerful tool that can build an emotional connection with consumers at every point of contact. This transformative power is what Electrolux designer Daniel Mesa bears in mind when designing sound: “We are starting to understand the power of having a good sound experience and how this is improving the quality of life of our consumers.”

Design DNA Sound
Sound has a direct influence over our subconscious and decision-making mind, and it can shape our perception of the product and experience. Striking this balance between the emotional and functional aspects of sound is key. It is also linked to other elements, such as Motion, Material, and Texture. Mechanical sounds can evoke impressions of quality, while digital sounds can guide a user to more intuitive product interactions.
Sound element main

Additionally, with many of our products now voice compatible with Google Home, our sound designers can apply their talents to a domain that didn’t exist before: the experience of speaking with your appliances.

Sounds can affect the way we feel, remind us of something important, and even convince us to act. But how do we design sound that cuts through the noise? For Electrolux designer Daniel Mesa, the process involves investigating and understanding the range of sounds that paint the ideal user experience: “We need to think about everything that produces a sound when the consumers are interacting with the machine.”
Sound approach main (1)

Combining this knowledge with consumer insights and testing allows us to find sound solutions that elevate the experience of our products in a home. Any given sound can’t be assessed in isolation – sometimes great effort is made to reduce sound while other times it’s about using sound to improve the experience.

It’s critical that we ensure the sounds we design resonate in harmony with our other Design DNA Elements, like Motion. Accordingly, we can enhance every interaction – from sliding a fridge drawer to opening an oven or even receiving alerts on a smart device – by crafting moments that can be anything from completely soundless to resoundingly beautiful.

There’s a notion that when it comes to household appliances, sounds are just the noises products make when they’re in use. In this episode, Electrolux designer Daniel Mesa reveals why sound can be so much more than that – it’s an opportunity to connect with the user, guide their interactions with our products, and elevate their experience to new heights.

This was the final episode in our Electrolux Design DNA Elements series. Thank you so much for joining us on this journey! We hope you’ve found it illuminating to hear from our designers – and have perhaps been inspired to think about these Elements in new ways when it comes to your own kitchen projects and designs. 

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