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Shedding light on… well… light!

Electrolux designer Martin Svalander takes you on a truly illuminating journey. Learn about how his personal inspirations and professional methods shape his approach to an important – but often underappreciated – element of design: Light.

Martin is particularly familiar with the preciousness of light. Being from Sweden, Martin sees light as a commodity that gets very scarce during the long dark winter periods.

Martin brings this personal appreciation for light – and the various emotions it conveys – when incorporating this element into Electrolux products. His four main dimensions of light are positioning, intensity, distribution and temperature.

When balancing these dimensions out and in harmonizing them with the other Design DNA Elements, the focus is on using light to strengthen ambience and create a meaningful sensory experience.

"Lighting design comes into play when we want our products to express certain qualities and guide interaction," Martin explains. "We know that light has a big impact on the people using our products."

For Electrolux, how the lighting comes together should always enhance the user experience – both emotionally and functionally.

Design DNA - Light

“Good design doesn’t happen by accident", reveals Electrolux Designer, Martin Svalander. “We know that light has a big impact on the people using our products.”

When designing light, having empathy for the user is crucial. That means there’s only one way to ensure your designs are achieving their intended purpose: prototype, test, and test repeatedly. At Electrolux, design ideas are prototyped and tested both physically and digitally to ensure that aesthetics, usability, and the user experience are kept in focus.

Martin believes empathetic light designs – those that have been rigorously tested – can lead to enhanced experiences and even nudge the user toward more sustainable behaviors. For example, light can help solve pain points when it comes to visibility inside a fridge. In turn, this helps reduce food waste by making it clear which ingredients are available and which need to be consumed.

Paying deep attention to the multisensorial aspects of light – whether it's part of the appliance itself or in its wider context of the kitchen – can help drive functionality while delivering a wonderfully emotive user experience.

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