CustomFlex® / SpinView®

How much does helping prospective clients reduce their environmental impact factor into your decision making when choosing appliances for your project?

At Electrolux Group, contributing to sustainable living and reducing food waste plays an important role in the products that we create. Our cooling appliances feature a selection technologies such as CustomFlex and SpinView, designed to help consumers maintain visibility of their fresh produce, ultimately reducing the amount of produce that goes to waste.

Electrolux SpinView
Electrolux CustomFlex

More on Innovations

900 CookView® oven

For clients who are looking for the latest technology to help them deliver perfect cooking results, the Electrolux 900 CookView® oven uses an integrated camera to allow them to see what is being cooked in the oven through their mobile device, even whilst away from the kitchen.

800 SteamBoost® with Steamify

Our insights show that despite a growing interest in steam cooking, from both consumers and kitchen designers, there's still confusion around how and when to use it.

PerfectFit: Best-in-class installation from AEG

Get a quick, easy and accurate installation of your kitchen appliances using AEG PerfectFit solutions.

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