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AEG ComboHob

The AEG ComboHob is the induction hob that gives you the flexibility to design your kitchen your way. With the extraction features already integrated into the centre of the hob, you are no longer restrained by where you place your hob in the kitchen, giving a new level of freedom in organising the surface cooking space in modern kitchens.

This induction hob doesn’t need a conventional hood hanging over it. The hood is already integrated in the hob. You are no longer restricted in placing your hob in where you like it, such as on a kitchen island, or maybe in front of the window. And it doesn’t take up more space than a regular hob. 


Handsfree hood control

This hob has a useful Hob2Hood feature that automatically controls your draft speed. Leave Hob2Hood to regulate the fan while you concentrate on the key moments involved in getting your dish just right. But if you’d rather adjust the fan speed yourself, there are manual controls on the hob too.

2019 AEG Kitchen Design Contest

The AEG ComboHob fits perfectly within the oak cabinets in the third place award winning kitchen from Remy Blom, Netherlands.

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AEG ComboHob

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