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The Winners of The AEG Kitchen Design Contest 2019

The jury has picked a winner for the 2019 AEG Kitchen Design Competition - have a look at some truly creative designs.

A total of 157 participants from 8 countries were up to the challenge of designing an AEG kitchen that could sharpen the senses. Because, as you probably know, the trick to cooking to the highest standards is to use taste, touch, hearing and sight in perfect harmony.

Three entries stood out from the rest - and first in line you’ll find Klaudia Seweryn from Poland, followed by Martin Strnad (the Czech Republic) and Remy Blom (Netherlands) on 2nd and 3rd place respectively. Make sure to check out their entries below.



Winner - Klaudia Seweryn - "Lastrico Lover"

”The striking, bold use of terrazzo and wood in Klaudia’s ‘Lastrico Lover’ kitchen really made the jury smile. Whilst there is great attention to detail, there is a playfulness to it. It really ooze’s love, joy and passion. This intriguing kitchen is one that that we really wanted to visit! The choice of materials and the colour choice of AEG appliances come together with creative panache and really challenged the jury to think about what an AEG kitchen looks like.”
— Thomas Gardner, Senior Design Manager, Electrolux

2nd Place - Martin Strnad - "Šumava"

”The unusual mix of materials, colour, style and textures creates a positive friction. The more one looks, the more one see’s surprising details. The wood is enhanced with distinct patterns – from the parquetted green work top, to the perforated back wall. This provocative space would be great for entertaining.”
— Sofia Andreasson, Trend Analysis, Electrolux Group Design

3rd Place - Remy Blom - "The Black and White Oak"

”This is a kitchen with great visual balance. The colours are warm and inviting, the staging provides a perfect interchange between preparation, cooking and socialising. The AEG black line appliances fit perfectly within the oak cabinets. I would like to print a picture of this kitchen and hang it in my home!”
— Thomas Gardner, Senior Design Manager, Electrolux

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AEG Kitchen Design Contest 2019

Cooking to the highest standards requires the use of all your senses; taste, touch, smell, hearing and sight. Now we would like you to imagine a kitchen where these senses are sharpened and design the ultimate Kitchen!

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