AEG ComfortLift® Dishwasher

Electrolux Group's ComfortLift® dishwasher is one of our most talked-about products, and winner of both an internationally-recognised gold iF Design award and a Red Dot award, for its innovative design.

Featuring the world's first lift-and-load rack, it allows efficient and ergonomic loading thanks to a unique lifting system of the lower rack. Thoughtful design combined with smart solutions, to make time in the kitchen a richer experience.

”The new ComfortLift® dishwasher does more than wash your dishes ”
— Simon Bradford - Design VP, Major Appliances EMEA
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ComfortLift® dishwashers combine cutting-edge technology with award-winning design. The unique and innovative lifting mechanism that allows the lower rack to be lifted up towards the user has been recognised with a prestigious iF gold design award as well as an esteemed Red Dot Award.
AEG ComfortLift® Dishwasher

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