Intuitive Range

900 CookView® oven

For clients who are looking for the latest technology to help them deliver perfect cooking results, the Electrolux 900 CookView® oven uses an integrated camera to allow them to see what is being cooked in the oven through their mobile device, even whilst away from the kitchen.

Part of a new intuitive kitchen range, designed to work in harmony with the cook, it provides connected assistance together with the 'My Electrolux' app, meaning easy to follow recipes can automatically be sent to the oven for time and temperature setting.

”You can focus your attention on creating the perfect sauce or side. It’s taste, taken care of.”
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Do not miss out on anything while cooking

There is no longer need to look through a tinted glass window or open up the oven and let heat out, which could potentially ruin what you are cooking. Our camera gives you a live WiFi feed to the My Electrolux app on your smartphone, so you can prepare another course, create the right ambience for your guests, or simply get on with your day, while keeping an eye on your creation.

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