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Here’s to the next 100 years of Electrolux and beyond

The Better Living Program is a to-do list which sets a new direction for our company on a global level.” Our CEO Jonas Samuelson shares his vision for the Better Living Program and why today, on our 100th birthday, it’s time as a company to look forward and plan for a more sustainable future.

Exactly 100 years ago today, young Swedish salesman Axel Wenner-Gren set-up AB Electrolux. He had a unique vision – and yet I wonder if he could have possibly imagined the impact his company would make on people’s lives. Because it’s quite incredible. More than one billion people around the world today use Electrolux products in their daily life. And Axel Wenner-Gren started it all. I can think of no better day to embark on a new leg of our journey and set the company’s direction for the future.

Introducing the Better Living Program

We’ve spent much of this year looking at and sharing stories about our company’s history. As a company we should take a lot of pride in the groundbreaking innovations that have over the past century helped shape hundreds of millions of people’s lives around the world for the better – enabling them to cook tasty food, care for their clothes, keep their homes clean and achieve wellbeing in the home.

Yet there’s been a shift that we can’t ignore. The way we all live our lives as consumers is challenging our environment, our planet. And challenging the way future generations will be able to live their lives. We consume energy and water like never before. We throw away fully edible food. We throw out clothes that should have stayed part of our wardrobes. We pollute the air we breathe.

Our purpose at Electrolux is to shape living for the better. And we can — and will — do more. I truly believe that as the global sustainability leader in home appliances, Electrolux has a tremendous opportunity to help eliminate barriers that are keeping consumers and the industry from making sustainable choices.

So today we launch our most important initiative ever - the Better Living Program, a to-do list which sets a new direction for our company on a global level. We’ve already since long made sustainability a natural part of everyday work at Electrolux and now through this initiative we’ll be taking a more holistic approach to sustainability – widening the scope of our commitment to contribute in a meaningful way on key global challenges.

We’ve defined bold 2030 targets in line with the UN’s Sustainability Development Goals, focusing on better eating, better garment care and better home environment. We want to make sustainable eating the preferred choice, we want to make clothes last twice as long with half the environmental impact, and we want to eliminate harmful allergens and pollutants from the home. Certainly, these are complex to measure, but we know from consumer research that people want to act more sustainably and we have products, solutions and expertise which can empower consumers to make more sustainable choices in their everyday. We don’t pretend we can do all this alone and I look forward to joining forces with partners on selected projects.

As well as developing innovations and solutions for consumers to help them to make more sustainable choices, we know we need to look at ourselves and improve the way we do business as well. So we're setting a further target to make our business circular and climate neutral by 2030. This means committing to zero carbon emissions from Electrolux facilities around the world. It also means striving for circularity in everything we do.

We’ll be putting the spotlight on at least 100 actions which give a significant and direct contribution to the 2030 targets and our first action is a big one: we’re committing to fund the Electrolux Food Foundation over the next 10 years with an expected total of SEK 100 million, as part of our target to make sustainable eating the preferred choice. The Food Foundation is already doing great work in this area - for example, by 2030 the Food Foundation seeks to offer education for children and culinary training programs for unemployed and professionals to at least 300,000 people - and I’m very passionate about supporting this.

There are 54,000 people working across Electrolux today, and we are all part of history as we celebrate 100 fantastic years. I personally feel very proud to be part of such a momentous occasion. As we reflect on our legacy, I look forward to this new chapter in our story together. The Better Living Program is our stake in the ground for the next 100 years. And I hope the work we start today will be making a positive impact in people’s lives 100 years from now.

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